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UOP Shadow Racers

Growing up in Wisconsin just 40 miles from Road America, my interest in sports car racing came early. The Can-Am races lit that interest further when they came to Road America in 1967. The open rules and unlimited power made these sports racers the fastest road racers on the planet.

In 2018, after restoring and racing both an F5000 Shadow and the 1974 Can-Am championship DN4, I was made aware that quite a number of Shadows, most in disassembled or damaged condition, were soon to be available from two different collectors. In the span of four days I was suddenly the owner of 10 Shadows. These included virtually every model of Shadow Can-Am racer produced and two of the three F5000 cars ever built.

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Shadow Special Edition Package
Winner of the Royal Automobile Club’s 2020 Specialist Motoring Book of the Year

LIMITED EDITION: Only 250 Special Edition Packages are available!

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One-Of-A-Kind Photos

Included in the Shadow Special Edition Package are 100+ high definition photos taken at the 2020 Shadow reunion by original team photographer Dan Boyd.  You can experience the event firsthand! These images are capable of being enlarged to poster size for your own use.


Own the complete history of the Shadow AVS MK1

Including amazing quality photos, unique videos and other items. LIMITED EDITION: Only 250 Special Edition Packages are available!